Prevention Is the Key to Termite Control

Prevention Is the Key to Termite Control

Get routine termite treatments in Oklahoma City, OK

Termite can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property in just one year, but only if you let them. Get preventive termite treatments around your home or office during construction so you don't have to worry about insects eating you out of house and home - literally.

Fitzhugh's Pest Management in Oklahoma City, OK offers pre-treatment termite services while your home or business is still under construction. That way, the solution will have time to settle around your home and build a protective shield against termites.

If your home or business is still under construction, ask Fitzhugh's Pest Management about our pre-treatment termite services.

Keep termites at bay

What if we told you there was a way to prevent termites from endangering your home or office? Thankfully, there is! We can apply preventive termite treatments:

  • Around foundations and in crawl spaces before they are covered.
  • On exposed studs where termites are often found.
  • Around wooden decks and fences.

Not only does our solution help repel termites, but it also fights against mold and mildew and is safe for the environment. Contact us today for pre-treatment termite services in Oklahoma City, OK.